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Rapid Rally Racers

 On Saturday February 27, 2016, the Thunder Bay Area Scouting Groups, descended on Victoria Ville Mall for another great year of Rapid Rally Racers.

We had Beavers aged 5 to 7 who built beaver buggies from a kit of wood, wheels and axle’s, painted and decorated them to take part in a non competition race with each other, as well as playing games and doing crafts all centered around the big race day.

Our Cubs aged 8 to 10, also was given a kit which consisted of a block of wood, wheels and axle’s in which they design, cut, sand, and painted with great care gearing up for the big competition of racing against all the other cubs in the city to see who has the fastest 3 cars of 2016, as well as who was chosen for the body beautiful design.

Not only do the cubs have fun, but also the Cub Leaders who mostly get challenged by the youth in there cub packs to build a car also and race with them which resulted in the Leader Cub Kar Races that were added on with the youth from their pack cheering them on whole heartily.

Right after the Cub Rally comes the older youth our Scouts aged 11 to  13,  and Venturers aged 14 to 17, and yes Scouters, over sized kids, who build 18 Wheeler Trucks to compete for the top 3 fastest trucks as well as body beautiful design. The trucks also came in a kit of many pieces of wood, wheels and axle’s which also had to be designed, cut, sanded, glued together and painted.

 Scouters are eliminated from both the Cub and 18 Wheeler Body Beautiful Design award but have fun right along with the youth we work with which is a great feeling to see them so proud of us Adults building and racing as well, this shows the youth that we as adults also show good sportsman ship amongst each other, we do not enter on the thought of winning but only on the pretence of having fun.

    Also on this week of the Rally, we celebrate what is known as Scout /Guide Week, as Monday Feb 22nd was the founder of scouting “Lord Baden Powell’s” Birthday, as well his wife’s “ Lady Olav Powell” Birthday on the same day,  who ran the Guiding movement, which is why we celebrate Scout /Guide Week. Guiding is our Sister Organization.
Lord Baden Powell would have turned 159 years old and Lady Powell would have been 127 years old this year. We always have a Birthday cake at our rally to help celebrate as without both of them there would be no Scouting or Guiding and no Rally. The youth love and look forward to the cake.

While Beavers do not compete, they are taught about good sportsman ship and that winning is not everything, having fun and cheering each other on is what we promote as well as working as a team.
Cubs are also taught good sportsman ship, and to follow their Motto which is “Do Your Best”. By the time a youth gets to Scouts they have mainly had the teachings of good sportsman ship and fully understand what the rally is all about.

Behind the scenes many people come together each year to make this event very successful, that we wish to give thanks to:
VictoriaVille Centre, Staff and Security who work with us each year
Randy Creighton, Al Creighton, Barry Matson who provides the Beaver Tack and handles the Pit Crew

Photos from the Rapid Rally Racer


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