Learning about Plants in our BIA

Chris Paulusma

The members of the Public have an opportunity to come out and learn about the plants that have been planted in the Fort William BIA area.

The Fort William BIA, in partnership with Victoriaville Centre and Visit Fort William, are hosting a presentation by Chris Paulusma, talking about the large variety of unique plants they have planted in our BIA area. The presentation will take place;

   Saturday July 18th, 2 pm.
   In the Parkette next to the Chapples Building on Justice Ave.

Free Parking is available in the Courthouse west parking lot
On Archibald across from Petrie's


Again this year, the Fort William Business District BIA has planted a large variety of plants. Chris Paulusma of Paulusma Greenhouse has used his imagination and creativity to come up with some interesting and creative arrangements.

1.    Hanging Baskets
The hanging baskets this year feature the traditional combination of Easy Wave Petunias and Sweet Potato Vine.  Around the Courthouse is Burgundy, May St. Is Rose and Pink, Brodie St is Blue and Violet, while Victoria Ave and Archibald St. are Rose and Pink as well.  Chris has used a combination of filler plants like grasses such as Purple Fountain, Livewire, Blue Arrows  and Fireworks Grass.  Some other plants used as feature plants in the baskets are Yellow Licorice Plants, Kiwi Fern and Alligator Tears Coleus, Trailing Lavender Lantana, Euphorbia Breathless Blush, etc.  All the plants chosen were picked for ease of care and tolerance to volatile conditions.  Additionally, Rick single-handedly planted every one of these.

2.    Justice Ave. Window Boxes
These are a simple combination Of Supertunia Tidal Wave Bubblegum and Marguerite Sweet Potato Vine.  Chris hopes these get really big...

3.    Parkette Containers
These, once again feature some tropical and sub-tropical plants combined with Wave Petunias and Sweet Potato Vine as well.  Each corner represents a colour scheme.  There is the blue corner featuring Blue Wave Petunias and Marguerite Sweet Potato Vine with yellow and orange Anigozanthos sp. 'Kangaroos Paws', Colocasia sp. 'Elephant Ears', a Red Banana Tree, 'Velvet Elvis' Plectranthus, Cerinthe sp. 'Purple Bells', White Daisies and a smattering of Blue Laurentia, and Yellow Zinnias.  The Rose Corner features the stately Verbena bonariensis 'Buenos Aires', Rose Canna Lillies, Elephant Ears, Talinum 'Limon' along with Rose Wave Petunias and Marguerite Sweet Potato Vine.  These are filled with Twister Grass, Coleus, Laurentia and Yellow Dahlberg Daisies.  The Front corner features Burgundy Wave Petunias and Marguerite with Scarlet Bronze Leaf Canna Lillies, Kangaroos Paws and Elephant Ears. Fillers include Coleus, Livewire Grass and Cherry Zinnias.  The Castle Planters in the Front have a combination of everything from within the parkettle.  I especially emphasized the tropical feel by using Red Banana trees, Elephant Ears, Kangaroos Paws, Canna Lillies and Gerbera Daisies.  I then just filled them up with some of the fillers from every other pot.  The Triangle bed was simply just filled with leftover Wave Petunias, Zinnias, Daisies etc.  I was just trying to pack a lot of colour in.

4.    Victoria Ave. West Entrance
This bed features over 125 Coleus with Ornamental Grasses with Purple Wave Petunias trailing over the front Wall.  There are 7 different colours of Coleus and 'Baby Tut' Papyrus, Purple Fountain Grass, and Blue Arrows Grass which make up the centre.  This one was like Painting with Plants.

 5.    Victoria Avenue West
These three little square beds are planted specially for Jim Hupka.  I know how much he likes pink.  The taller plants are Babywings Begonias in Pink and White.  These are ringed by Bronze-leaf Wax Begonias in Rose.  Question is; “Can Jim find the two Red Ones?”
6.    Victoria Ave. and Archibald St. Corner Beds
These two beds will be mirror images of each other.  One side will have Purple Wave Petunias around the outside with Orange Calendula, White Pampas Grass, Nicotiana sylvestris and a smattering of Sweet Peas and Violas.  The side will have Pink Wave Petunias around the outside with Yellow Calendula, Pink Pampas Grass, Whopper Rose Wax Begonias, once again filled with Sweet Peas and Violas.

7.    Large Containers

The Large Containers are similar in style to the Parkette, featuring lots of tropical plants like Verbena bonariensis, Canna Lillies, Colocasia sp. and Kangaroos Paws.  I have added all season colour with lots of Purple Wave Petunias, Purple Daisies and some surprises.

8.    Small Containers
  They all Feature Tidal Wave Petunias In Silverberry.  They also all have Lantana Confetti and New Gold (To keep the hands out).  Besides the one in front of the Blue Door Bistro, I drew my colour scheme from traditional Ojibway colours.  The one in front of the Blue Door...features Blue...

The Fort William Business District BIA is a non for profit corporation