Tourism Thunder Bay FAM Tour 2017

Keith Hobbs Lake Superior Art Gallery



Tourism Thunder Bay held its annual local FAM tour yesterday, Tuesday, June 6th.   This local familiarization tour – co-ordinated and delivered by Lois Nuttall of Lake Superior Visits, was designed to educate front line travel professionals on what’s new and different with tourism businesses and attractions new and old. 

Lake Superior Art Gallery had the privilege of hosting the annual Tourism Thunder Bay FAM tour. The people taking part in the stop at the Lake Superior Art Gallery were welcomed by Mayor Keith Hobbs, Charla Robinson, President of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce and Kathy Skirving, Chair of the Victoriaville Centre.


A group of local merchants were on hand to tell the visitors about the products and service they offer - Silhouette Boutique, PARO, Bogdala’s Smoked Meats & Deli, Petrie’s, Friends of the Thunder Bay Public Library, Crystal Beach Variety and Lake Superior Coffee.

Attending were travel counsellors from information centres at Terry Fox, the Pagoda, Provincial and National parks and the Ontario Information centre at Pigeon River. Front desk staff from various hotels also attended as did participants from libraries, city hall and various private sector businesses.
54 participants registered and the entire day (8:30 to 5:00 pm.) was spent viewing and visiting new and established attractions, retail neighbourhoods, eateries, and visitor service locations.  They used the Thunder Bay Experience guide and local maps to find many services that visitors ask about so that they could easily direct them when they are on shift.  Some of these areas were:  Thunder Bay Harbour North (Wilderness North, Fishermen's Park) Marina Park, the Waterfront District, the Bay & Algoma neighbourhood, Westfort Business District and businesses in Neebing.  A number of south core businesses gathered at Victoriaville's Lake Superior Art Gallery to inform the participants of what was new with them this season and a walkabout occurred right after in order to visit the Thunder Bay Museum and the Sports Hall of Fame. 


The participants also had a chance to network with one another on the motor coach, which enabled them to extend their own contact list to the benefit of our summer and fall visitors.  A number of delicious treats, prizes and snacks also added to a very good learning day!
Tourism Thunder Bay has a long history of initiating this tour and encouraging our tourism partners to invest in their frontline staff’s knowledge to promote Thunder Bay.

Tourism Thunder Bay has sponsored this tour in full on an annual basis.

Tourism Thunder Bay FAM Tour Photos




Lake Superior Coffee 


FB LS Coffee










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