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  •     Rene Larson
  •  Rene Larson – President
  •  B.A. (Honours Economics) Lakehead University (1969)
    JD (Osgoode Hall), York University (1973)
     Ontario Barrister & Solicitor (1975)
     Mediation Program, Harvard Law School (1994)

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    Why Do You Need A Power Of Attorney?

     We are all immortal and can get sick or disabled at any time.
      - power of attorney for property will take care of
       - business needs
       - banking
       - paying of bills
       - sale of property
      - power of attorney for personal care will take care of
       - medical decisions


    Power of Attorney Ontario TBayLaw
    What is a power of attorney?
    - a legal document stating that your chosen person has the ability to make decisions for you in case you're unable to make your own.
    - takes place before the will, only while you are still living
    - for property
    - take care of legal and financial matters
    - for personal care 


    3 Essential Decisions
        When Making A Will

    Legal Executor
    Who do you trust?
     Alternate Executor
     Estate Assets
          Assets that won't go through your estate
          Joint Assets
     Life Insurance Policies
     Assets that are going through your will
    Pick  people who will benefit